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9 Jul 1998 Australia生まれ
13.5Kg (30Lbs)  

16 Jan 2000 England生まれ
10.5Kg (24Lbs) 

31 Mar2002  USA生まれ
12.5Kg (27.5Lbs)  

31 Mar2002  USA生まれ
12.5Kg (27.5Lbs)  

海/ Kai(3男)
31 Mar2002  USA生まれ
13.5Kg (30Lbs)  

Emlohruo Kennel
Coffs Harbour, AUS

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Goodbye, Omi 臣、虹の橋へ
Omi went over the rainbow bridge on the 1st of July. So quick like the wind. Very very Omi.
He had his dinner, enjoyed walking the night before, and went to bed as usual. In the next morning (7/1), he was standing right next to me at 6 am, but he looked kind of weird, his head was kind of down. Yet he went to the garden, did his business, both No.1&2 normally. After a while I noticed he was still outside, so I went out to the garden to see what Omi was doing. He was just standing still with his head down. Looked like his blood pressure was extremely low. His tongue and inside of his lips were sooooo white. I took him to the vet immediately, and a doctor put him an ivy line with several meds and laid him down in the oxygen room. After a while, Omi went to a cardiac arrest. His doctor provided CPR.
He came back at the first time and gone again.. the second time, he came back, but no third time.... He was completely gone...only 3 hours since I saw him standing on his own legs.
6/30の夜ごはんもパクパク、散歩行ってオヤツ食べてフツーに寝たのに7/1の6AM前、目が覚めたら臣が立ってるんだけど頭下がってなんか様子が変。それでも庭に出てNO.1も2もしたのですが。 そのあといつまで待っても家に入ってこないから様子見に行ったら庭の端っこで突っ立ったまま頭下げてじ~っとしていました。 血圧低そうな感じに見えたので唇の内側と舌見たら立ってられるのが不思議な位真っ白。 そのうち心拍のモニターが心停止しそうな音になったので、CPR(マッサージと強心剤入れて2回はもどったけど、強心剤切れる20分できっちり心停止、3回目は戻りませんでした。

RB1 Omi in the oxygen room
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RB1 CPR / Omi was with the orotracheal tube、EKG and given epinephrine via ivy. also cardiac compression was tried 3 times.-気管チューブ、EKG、点滴チューブが繋がれボスミン(エピネフェリン/強心剤)注入 心臓マッサージ3回
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After his doctor looked at the result of the blood test, ultra sound and x-ray pics, he said the cause of death was acute pancreatitis. His case was unfortunately very serious emergency. But Omi showed no warning signs at all like abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea or loss of appetite.
血液検査、ウルトラサウンド、X-ray写真から、ドクターが急性膵炎が死因だと。 臣のケースは急性中の急性だったと。

He was cremated at 1:30 pm on the same day, and went over the rainbow bridge where his parents are.. To me, everything that happened was so unrealistic because Omi was energetic and ate well till the night before. Only one thing that could be lucky was Omi didn't suffer from pain at all, and rapidly became unconscious...and gone.
臣はその日の1:30 pmに火葬され麻呂雛のいる虹の橋の向こうへ旅立って行きました。居なくなったと言う実感がまったくないまま・・・

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RB1 Outside of the pet cemetery - Omi must be goneup to the heaven like a blowing wind in this beautiful summer sky. ペット霊園の外は綺麗な夏の空 -- この空を臣は風の様に駆け抜けて行きました。
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Omi, I love you forever ハートハートハート

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New Years Day 2014
Happy New Year 2014!

雪Our New Year decorations
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雪 Very first run in our favourite rice field
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雪 I'm kind of sad whenever I take pictures... now the MaroHina family has only 3, Maro is not in the pics... but I can feel Maro and Hina are always with us and watching their kids with warm eyesハート
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雪 My father, Omi , Koto and Kai. May these happy days keep on going in 2014.
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Maro's 49th-day Anniversary麻呂49日
Maro's 49th-day memorial service was held at the animal cemetery on the top of the beautiful mountain.
Now I feel comfortable Maro's soul is surely peaceful and happy with Hina in the heaven.
麻呂の49日法要に行きました。 山の上のとても景色の良い霊園。 雛のAshも麻呂のと一緒に持って行ってお坊さんにお祈りしてもらいました。 これで麻呂のソウルも平和に幸せに雛と一緒に天国で楽しんでくれるとほっと一息。
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A Buddhist monk chanted a Buddhist sutra for dogs and cats who passed away. There were about 100 pet owners, that was much more people than I expected. It's really nice so many people never forget their pets as family members and get a memorial service done periodically.
お坊さんが虹の橋を渡ったペット達の為にお祈りをしてくれているところ。 100人以上のペットオーナー達が来場していました。 
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Statues of 2 dogs are welcoming in the entrance of the pet cemetery.
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Beautiful and gorgeous marble gravestones for pets. I could feel how much they were loved from the words carved on those gravestones. 綺麗で豪華なマーブルのペット達の墓石。 墓石に刻まれた言葉から彼らがどれだけ愛されていたかがうかがえます。
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A congregated grave for several pets. Their ashes are kept in this big gravestone and the pictures of them are decorated individually. 多くのペット達のアッシュが一つの大きな墓石の下に収められた集合タイプのお墓。

A priest gave this wooden plate. It says Maro's name and mine. I don't know exactly what this is, but I just keep it at home.
お坊さんが帰りに麻呂と私の名前の入った薄い板をくれました。 これはどうするものか良くわからないけど、霊園の人に聞いたら、家に置いておいていいんですよ、と言われたので、祭壇に飾りました。
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Halloween pics from Port Washington, NY
*:'゜。Happy Halloween 。・:*:・゚
These pics from Port Washington, NY bring me back memories(T T)
The MaroHina family were soooo young !
懐かしいハロウィン写真(●'◡'●) シーツに穴開けて被せてプラスティックランタンくわえてStay・・の安上がりコスチュームだけどいまだにお気に入りの写真
 -ポートワシントンNY 自宅のバックヤードで

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MARO's Longevity Award 麻呂ご長寿犬表彰
MARO got a Canine Longevity Award !
Kind of sad to get this award 3 days after he passed away... but Maro, I'm sooooo proud of you♥♥♥ 

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